Unleash your creative genius!

I have been teaching Painting to adults for over 30 years, mainly in Watercolour. (Currently on pause.)

I studied watercolour with Bob Uecker in Pasadena California. He called his style "Oriental Western" which I  followed. In other words, mostly brushwork, spontaneous and dynamic with textural techniques. The results are fresh and new each time.

I also paint in acrylic.


I believe everyone is creative.

I have a friend who was humiliated in primary school when the teacher and the whole class laughed at her drawing of a horse. She never drew again. I encouraged her to come to a workshop. She sat trembling in terrible fear. I gently encouraged her to juice up the brush with her favourite colour. We wet the paper. Then she splashed colours on... as they spread out in swirls, tears flowed down her cheeks and onto the paper. She tried brushing the tears off. I said, "Leave them! They add your deep feeling to the painting."

COMMENTS FROM STUDENTS - Byron Bay Community College:

"As a novice to watercolour I enjoyed the way that Ri built on skills each week. This created a feeling of achievement as you felt your skills developing. Ri has an amazing talent and shares this generously with her students. This was the best course I have ever attended." ... P.H.

"I found the course introduced me to watercolour in an excellent way - a variety of theory and practice. I feel I made an excellent beginning. It would be very hard to fault Ri's approach - she is clear, thorough, patient and inspiring." ...I.W.

"Systematic instruction from very basic to excellent! Ri has a very gentle and nurturing method of transferring her knowledge. Always makes everyone feel very secure." .. C. K.

•  Watercolour Basics   •   Watercolour Wild   •   Acrylic Adventures   •   Painting in Symbols   •   Painting for Healing   •  

Watercolour Basics


4 week course, 3 1/2 hours per class

Learn the special skills and techniques for transparent watercolour in sequential steps covering tools, application of paint, colour, textures, design and composition and perspective.

We adventure into basic landscapes, seascapes, still-life, abstracts, flowers and various subjects, establishing a strong foundation for confident painting and self-expression.

I demonstrate in every class so students see 'how to' in action. I give individual feedback and help students develop healthy and positive methods of critique.

Classes suit beginners and experienced.


Watercolour Wild


8 week course, 3 hours per class

Let colours splash into your life! Play with transparent watercolours in this expressive, liberating painting experience. I encourage you to let go of concepts, self-judgement and contrived, tight or goal-oriented efforts. Then you can enjoy the rush of creative energy as it flows through your body and into the dancing brush.

Watch your unique splashes evolve into an impressionistic land or sea scape, entwined bodies, flowers, mystical spirit forms, cosmic or colourful abstracts... all by pure 'accident' and a few finishing touches.

I demonstrate in each class. I also give individual feedback and help students develop healthy and positive methods of critique..
Suits all levels.


Acrylic Adventures


One-day workshop

Does the blank canvas stare back at you? Here's a workshop that invites you to jump in and have fun. I give information on composition, colour and contrast. Then we get started with working colours into the canvas, texturing and layering, groundwork which begins the expressive process. Then the painting evolves in its own direction. We allow the energy of the painting to direct where it goes. The results are surprising and unique.


Painting in Symbols


One-day workshop

Symbols are the most ancient art form used for communication, marking a place, ritual and healing. cultures around the world share similar symbols while others are unique to a place. In the workshop students are guided to develop their own symbolic language or use universal symbols to paint one's own personal story in a unique way.

I have studied and painted in Eastern and Western traditions and also painted with aboriginal women who are masters of symbol.


Painting for Healing


One-day workshop

Since ancient times and in many cultures, expression of one's inner world has been valued and encouraged as a way to bring about understanding and balance in one's mind and spirit. Combining art therapy and expressive painting methods this workshop gives the experience of self-healing through painting.